Our aim is to use curated digital experiences to break down cultural barriers and help people to better connect and understand each other through the medium of hospitality.

With a combined ten years of serving as Airbnb hosts, one thing my twin sister and I learned is that everyone is fundamentally the same.

Everyone, no matter their station in life or what race or ethnicity, wants to know that they matter, are cared for and can receive and express acts of kindness.

Our only difference is our individual cultural make-up, which is something that was uniquely made for humans to savor; like a beautiful garden of diverse flowers, each one was meant to be gazed upon and experienced through all the senses.

Benefits You Gain Our Tribe:

Cultural & Custom Immersion

Affordably and from comfort of home. Travel the world without spending thousands of dollars. Through your monthly subscription, you can immerse yourself with various virtual things to do, like cooking demonstrations, wine tasting, operettas, and so much more! The customs of countries like that of India, Indonesia, Ireland, or Germany await you in these one-of-a-kind online experiences

Self Discovery

Better understand your likes and dislikes, what piques your curiosity. New adventures will expand what you find “fun” or “interesting”. Increased exposure will develop a higher self-awareness through adaptation of food, language, ways of living and the like. It frankly makes you a more interesting person as you begin to share your adventures with others. You will find a revived eagerness to learn new things.

Social & Cultural Understanding

Your perspective will shift and know where others are coming from. This knowledge aids in your growth both professionally and personally.

Be Prepared To Travel

Be prepared to travel once the world opens up again. You will be exposed to so many countries through these virtual excursions and be prepared to visit with a deeper understanding and appreciation of their traditions. Be confident that you can navigate the landscape and actually have more fun!

Join Our Tribe Today!

Come along with us and build a beautiful, luxurious, lush “human” garden of every make and sent of foliage!