We are a Black and women-owned travel and hospitality brand! My sister and I co-founded our brand–Urbanity Lush, in 2020 with the mission of changing the world one guest at a time by providing warm and welcoming accommodations, immersive experiences, and travel guides that allow guests to explore culture and others’ lived experiences.

What Makes Us Different

We believe hospitality can break down cultural and racial barriers that keep us from celebrating our diversity and producing the empathy necessary to grow the cultural allies we need to change the world for the better.

At the center of our brand is our accommodations, where we’ve opened our home to students and working professionals for over a decade now in the West Philadelphia area, just a stone’s throw from University City!

One thing we have learned about this demographic is that they are looking for something more than a great place to stay that offers a sense of belonging but also culturally immersive experiences that allow them to connect with and live like a local while exploring others’ lived experiences.

We pride ourselves on providing this unique and rewarding experience for our guests, which has generated a nearly 5-star rating on the various platforms we use to book our guests!
You can read some of our reviews here:

Reviews – Airbnb

As in-home hosts, we have had the privilege of sharing our home with some of the most prestigious guests worldwide, including several Fulbrights, Academic Scholars, Professors, Wharton and INSEAD Business students, etc.

We are an ideal accommodation for working professionals, visiting scholars, and interns looking for a welcoming space to unwind and socialize while being treated like a visiting relative!

We want to invite you to become a Preferred Affiliate! Preferred Affiliates agree to share our listing in their respective directories, and we agree to offer 10% off of our accommodations and other products and services to your students, interns, faculty, and or working professionals

So Much More Than Just A Great Stay

Our home is situated on a picturesque block which won the city’s Most Beautiful award in 2014! We are a 10-minute walk from the 46 Market El line, which will take guests into University City in 1 minute and Center City in 5 minutes, both of which house some of the city’s most popular dining and entertainment options.

Ideally located, we are within three blocks of the nearest grocery store, Aldi, where guests can find inexpensive organic foods.

What We Offer:

  1. Curated Hospitality: Our brand embodies curated hospitality. From warm extended stays to culturally immersive experiences, we’ve crafted a space where guests can connect, explore, and feel at home.

  2. Proximity: Our home, nestled in West Philadelphia near University City, offers more than just a great place to stay. It’s a gateway to cultural exploration, a hub for students, professionals, and scholars seeking a sense of belonging where they are treated like visiting relatives.

  3. Cultural Immersion: Our focus on culturally immersive experiences is central to our hospitality. Guests don’t just visit; they live like locals, connecting with others’ lived experiences. This enriching approach sets us apart in that it creates the cultural allies we need to change the world for the better.

  4. Nearly 5-Star Rating: Our dedication to guest satisfaction shines through in our reviews. Achieving a nearly 5-star rating across platforms speaks volumes about the quality of our accommodations and experiences.

  5. Prestigious Guests: Hosting Fulbrights, Academic Scholars, Professors,  Wharton  and INSEAD Business students underscores our reputation. Our home becomes a haven for accomplished individuals seeking comfort and community.

What You Can Expect

That said, we offer more than just a great stay!

Here is a sampling of our other services:

– Group Excursions
– Personalized Day Trips
– Curated Cultural Immersive Experiences
– Curated Travel Guides
– Souvenir Shop

A commitment to weaving cultural threads, fostering empathy, and changing lives through our curated stays, and immersive experiences. 🌟

Thank you for considering our request!

If you have questions or would like to move forward as a Preferred Affiliate, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at hello@thetlhgroup.com or by phone at: 267 693-7439


Lola & Taiye @Urbanitylush