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Curated Airbnb stays and experiences for the “social” GenZ & Millennial in mind!

About Urbanity Lush 

Urbanity Lush is curated hospitality, travel, and lifestyle brand.  We specialize in warm, welcoming  Airbnb stays, travel guides/tips, and culturally immersive in-person and online experiences for the Gen Z and Millennial. 

 About Your Hosts

Taiye & Lola are Nigerian-American twin sisters and co-founders of The T.L. Hospitality Group, LLC DBA Urbanity Lush, an award-winning Philadelphia travel, experiences & hospitality-lifestyle brand.

At the start of the pandemic, they reimagined how to deliver the same warm,  authentic and meaningful hospitality they have become known for as Airbnb hosts. Still, this time with a social purpose in mind–to use hospitality to help break down cultural and racial barriers that keep us from celebrating our diversity as individuals and producing the empathy, understanding, and kindness necessary to grow cultural allies we need to change our world for the better. 

What started as a side hustle to help pay off student loans turned into a business with a mission to change the world one guest at a time.

Outside of being working professionals, these twins have served as Airbnb hosts for over a decade and, in that time, have met and exchanged ideas and cultures with people across the globe and country.

Both guests and hosts have come away from these encounters with a better understanding of each other differences, empathy for each other stories, and a celebration of both of their unique cultures.

Urbanity Lush is their attempt to recreate these powerful experiences and scale them for larger audiences to experience their brand of hospitality designed to create the cultural allies our world needs for social change.

Urbanity Lush’s EP: Philosophy

Written and Performed By

Philadelphia Poet, Ms. Lettie Long

Why Urbanity Lush?

Through the art of hosting curated Airbnb stays, multi-cultural experiences, creating dialog
and learning from others – we find ourselves and the appreciation for differences.

Connecting Others

We recognize that people are feeling increasingly disconnected, invisible, and looking to connect with the cultures and the people around them.

Breaking Barriers

Our goal is to use curated Airbnb stays digital and online experiences to break down barriers and help people connect, understand and take delight in each other and the cultural norms and values of others.

Shared Experiences

We desire a community of shared experiences that live on for a lifetime. We want to open a door to understanding other cultures that builds a kinder and empathetic world.

Safe Exploration

We imagine our brand would be a gathering place for lovers of travel, hospitality and culture, but also a place for travel and cultural novels who are looking for a safe space to explore the other.

Impact Storytelling

In creating such a space, we hope to birth what we call a third culture, rooted in shared stories that grow kinder and more caring people around the world. Ready to show up as race and cultural allies for one another.

Abandon Bias

Our goal is to give people a safe place to explore their racial and cultural bias without fear of judgment.

Lush Online Experiences

The world is a “lush” cultural garden begging to be explored. Guests are taken on virtual travel experiences that engage the senses through cooking classes, art décor experiences, wine tastings, etc., all while expanding hearts and minds.

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Join Our Tribe: Coming Soon!

Book a single experience or join our tribe as a monthly guest for just $19.99 a month! Your membership gives you premium access to our catalog of cultural immersive experiences and access to our “clubhouse.” 

Guests will find opportunities to engage in stimulating conversations, access giveaways, attend virtual interviews with world renowned travelists, cultural influencers, chefs and other artisans!

Our online community allows guests to make valuable connections with others. Ask questions, get answers and go deep on customs that you are curious about. Get out of your comfort zone – communicate, connect and engage with the world around you.